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A letter from Peter Agrafiotis

   During the 25 years that Tom Martine has lived next door to me I’ve always felt the comfort of having somebody right near by who knows what he is talking about and knows what he is doing– and of someone who would drop whatever he may be involved in to give me a hand with what I may be trying to do. Tom has been in management level of such a wide variety of companies, disciplines and projects that he usually can extrapolate experience in one area of expertize to tackling something new that’s confronting him. 

In addition to that sense of good natured authority, his house and home has always projected a kind of “open door” accessibility for everyone – but most of all for young people – from exchange students (all very polite and engaging) to buddies of his son, Sam. The soothing sound of dribbling under the net over the driveway and the laughter of kids of different ages is a daily comfort to the neighborhood. It let’s you know that the world goes on for excited young people, on the verge of adolescence, and then on to becoming grown-ups. 

I can think of no one better – with both the experience and temperament to meet the challenge of keeping York’s schools; faculty and student’s – to be focused on what counts in education: kids growing and learning within the often mystifying environment of being young in the brave new world of 2021. 

I hope you will vote for Tom Martine.


Peter Agrafiotis


6 Autumn Brook Lane

Cape Neddick



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