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A Commitment to Excellence

Tom Martine is a highly regarded and sought-after Organizational Development leader. Tom has over 22 years of experience in helping organizations with managing inclusion in the workplace, diversity programs and leadership development.


Tom’s first foray into teaching began during the AIDS crisis in 1989 as a community educator with a grassroots program called StopAIDS. He was responsible for facilitating group meetings and discussing the impact of the pandemic and how to prevent the spread of HIV.  Tom also volunteered with APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles) where he was a trained end of life caregiver in the “Buddy Program”

Tom brought his passion for training and development to the corporate world; first with Comcast (formerly MediaOne) where he led the Diversity program for the northeast which included programs that directly dealt with difficult and challenging workplace cultures. Tom was directly responsible for the management training programs; “Managing Diversity” and “Leading the Broadband Way,” as well as “The Inclusion Workshop.”

After spending eight years at Comcast, Tom made the move to the healthcare arena and joined Kaiser Permanente in 2006.  As a Principal Consultant Tom joined the Human Resources team to lead key programs for the enterprise.

Tom is responsible for delivering leadership programs across all 8 Kaiser Permanente regions in the United States.


Directly under Tom’s responsibilities are the following programs:


  1. HRO Highly Reliable Organizations a program designed to increase the awareness of a company’s complex cultures, workflow processes and disaster recovery to improve quality and overall performance and resilience.

  2. The Leadership Challenge a multi-week leadership development training course for Executive Level management.

  3. Facilitative Leadership a program to train leaders to improve their management of teams.

  4. Managing the Diverse Workforce, a leadership program specifically targeted to train leaders on how to work more effectively with diverse teams.

  5. Leadership in Action a 3-day business simulation that drives change through active role playing to support learning.

  6. Managing Conflict using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) this program helps support leaders to deal with difficult and challenging workplace conflicts.

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Tom, Sam, Gar and Josh

Tom is a certified Meyers-Briggs trainer and is a 2004 graduate from Daniel Webster College with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership.


Tom continues to volunteer in the community and has dedicated his time as a Resource Parent for Foster Children as well as has volunteered at Project Angel Food a program that provides meals to the chronically ill.

In May 2021, Tom is running for York School Committee, under the slogan Accountable Leadership. Learn more about Tom's priorities as a candidate.

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